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Who Was Ralph Burnet? Minnesota Real Estate Baron Dies From Parkinson Disease At 78

Ralph Burnet, one of Minnesota’s well-known real estate baron passed away, on Tuesday. He was 78. It has been confirmed by multiple sources that he had Parkinson Disease, which ultimately took his life. Ralph was most well known for establishing a real estate business in Minnesota from literally nothing and then taking it to the #1 spot overall. It has been claimed that he revolutionized how people bought and sold homes. , US News News – Times Now

Scientists at UG developing “revolutionary” technique to improve stem cell treatment for Parkinson’s

Scientists at University of Galway are developing a “revolutionary” technique to improve brain repair treatment for Parkinson’s. A research team is developing a special hydrogel that has shown very strong results in boosting the success of stem cells. The use of stem cells in brain repair treatment for Parkinsons is relatively new, but the special […]