Parkinson’s Patient Regains Voice in Miraculous Medical Recovery

Parkinson’s Patient Regains Voice in Miraculous Medical Recovery

At 68, Bernard Parmenter, a former company director diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2012, has been graced with a second chance at communication. His voice, lost over the years due to his illness, has been miraculously restored following an adjustment to the electrodes implanted in his brain. This medical marvel has allowed him to verbally wish his family a joyous Christmas for the first time in three years.

Revival of Voice and Hope

Bernard’s journey to regaining his voice began with a deep brain stimulation treatment (DBS) he received in 2020. This procedure, which involved implanting electrodes in the skull, initially offered relief but his speech remained impaired. It was only after the fine-tuning of these electrodes last month that the silence was broken, and Bernard found his voice again.

A Family’s Joyous Reunion

The restoration of Bernard’s speech has been a source of immense joy for his family. His granddaughter, Freya Bolingbroke, 11, overjoyed at finally being able to communicate with her grandfather again, is looking forward to having him cheer her on at football matches. Bernard’s wife, Sue, 65, and daughter, Stephanie, 33, also expressed their happiness and relief at this development.

Parkinson’s Disease: A Silent Battle

Parkinson’s disease, which affects over 150,000 people in the UK, primarily the elderly, gradually robs its victims of their mobility and speech. Despite the grim reality of this illness, Bernard’s story offers hope and exemplifies the potential of medical advancements. Although the long-term prognosis remains uncertain, Bernard now feels ‘human again’, a feeling he credits to the return of his voice. His experience stands as a beacon of hope for others battling this debilitating condition.

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