24th Annual P.O.P. Walk raises awareness about Parkinson’s

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – People from around the community gathered for the 24th annual P.O.P walk.

The People of Parkinson’s Walk is an annual fundraiser for the CSRA Parkinson’s Support Group.

“We’re doing a walk but we have an amazing group of artisans that have donated items, raffle items donated by local businesses, and we are here to raise money, awareness for the CSRA Parkinson’s Support Group which is the only Parkinson’s non-profit, specifically here in the CSRA that supports those in our local community,” said President of the Board of the Directors of the CSRA Parkinson’s Support Group, Logan Banks.

Not only did the event have a good turnout, plenty of people learned about Parkinson’s and how they can help.

“Parkinson’s is a neurological disease condition. It affects people’s mobility, range of motion, and so we’re just here to bring awareness. We have the Taiichi group here which involves flexibility and more range of motion,” said Public Relations for the CSRA Parkinson’s Support Group Amanda Waters.

“Parkinson’s affects everyone differently. There’s a saying that no two types of Parkinson’s are the same. These funds really go towards our respite care programs for caregivers and family members, also donations for research and development of hopefully a cure for Parkinson’s, and also our funds go towards some amazing exercise groups and scholarships for those,” said Banks.

The event was a success but there’s still work to be done.

The CSRA Parkinson’s Support Group you can find us online, we meet once a month at Brandon Wilde, the meetings are free, so if you’re interested you can go online for the CSRA Parkinson’s Support Group and get some more information there,” said Waters.

And they’re thankful for all of those who came out and showed their support.

“Next year we will be a quarter of a century old which is wonderful. The board and group has been around for 34 years. So we are so excited this year and next year, and just really hope that once again the rain holds off and we have a great turnout like we just did.”

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