Apple Enhances WatchOS for Parkinson‘s Patients with Tremor Tracking Update

Apple has demonstrated its commitment to the healthcare realm with a recent update to watchOS 9.6.1 that specifically caters to the needs of those living with Parkinson’s disease.

This update, unlike regular Apple Watch updates, introduces a groundbreaking feature focused on efficiently tracking tremors and dyskinesia symptoms for Parkinson’s patients.

Continuous Tracking for Parkinson’s Patients

The latest watchOS update brings forth a significant advancement in medical treatment for individuals with Parkinson’s disease. Presently, a crucial medical app called Parky, developed by H20 Therapeutics, relies on Apple’s Movement Disorder API but has faced challenges due to limited access to motion data.

The watchOS 9.6.1 update successfully addresses this issue, allowing Parky to accurately capture changes in Parkinson’s symptoms, impressively matching the expectations of clinicians as much as 94% of the time.

Impact on Medical Diagnosis and Treatment

This recent update holds immense significance not only in terms of Apple’s involvement in the realm of health and wellness but also in its ability to support medical professionals in the diagnosis and treatment of Parkinson’s disease.

Prior to the fix, the inability to access the Movement Disorder API resulted in a crucial gap of vital information for doctors, affecting their ability to accurately diagnose and treat patients.

This watchOS update now ensures continuous tracking of symptoms, with Parky capturing a staggering 288 data points every day, assuming the individual wears the watch continuously.

Simplifying Understanding with a Colour-Based UI

In addition to the enhanced functionality, Apple has introduced a colour-based user interface (UI) to simplify understanding for patients and caregivers.

The UI utilises the colour green to indicate fewer Parkinson’s symptoms, providing an easily comprehensible visual representation of symptom severity.

This addition greatly assists patients and their loved ones in gauging the progression of symptoms and managing the condition effectively.

Improved Accessibility for All Users

Apple’s dedication to ensuring accessibility is evident in the update procedure for watchOS 9.6.1. Eligible Apple Watch users can easily access this improvement by ensuring their watch is charged to at least 50% and within range of a Wi-Fi connection.

This accessibility ensures that individuals living with Parkinson’s disease can benefit from the tremor tracking update without any inconvenience or barriers.

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