What to watch on TV, Netflix, Apple TV+, Prime and Disney+ today: Parkinson’s best interviews, Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman 1984 and sci-fi series Invasion

Parkinson BBC4, 10.25pm During the 20-year run of his iconic show, the late Michael Parkinson interviewed more than 2,000 celebrities and high-achievers, and BBC4 is re-running some of the best of them. Tonight, Parky talks to mathematician and philosopher Jacob Bronowski about his landmark TV series The Ascent of Man, and his memories of filming at Auschwitz. ​ ​ KPMG Women’s Irish Open RTÉ2, 3pm John McHenry joins Marie Crowe for live coverage of day three of the Women’s Irish Open at Dromoland Castle, with course reports from Dave Kelly. Klára Spilková is the current champion. ​


Casualty BBC1, 8.30pm As the 38th season of the medical soap continues, Stevie is keeping a close eye on Faith, Jodie has an unexpected reunion, Teddy makes an impulsive decision and Max is in denial about his failing health.

Wonder Woman 1984 RTÉ2, 9.30pm Diana Prince is working at the Smithsonian in 1980s Washington DC when a businessman called Maxwell Lord develops a dangerous obsession with finding an ancient artefact called the Dreamstone. Gal Gadot stars.


Invasion AppleTV+, streaming now Nobody does a big-budget sci-fi series quite like Apple. All they need to do is adequately marry the visual with anything resembling decent dialogue/acting — ahem Foundation — and, to be honest, this one isn’t entirely cringe. Season two continues to depict the effects of an alien invasion from different global perspectives and, just like the spikey invaders, humans are finding a way to adapt.

The Wheel of Time

The Wheel of Time Prime Video, streaming now And, in the blink of an eye, Rosamund Pike went from being a particularly vanilla Jane Bennet to a proper supernatural force to be reckoned with. Alongside Queen Charlotte (India Amarteifio) from Bridgerton and someone who looks really like yer man from Prison Break (Josha Stradowski), Pike’s sorceress — Moiraine — comes to realise just who the most powerful are from Robert Jordan’s bestselling book series. ​ A Day and a Half Netflix, streaming now To reunite with his daughter, Artan (Alexej Manvelov) opts to take his ex-wife (Alma Pöysti) hostage, dragging her and a police officer (Fares Fares) along for an emotionally charged trip across rural Sweden.

​Happy Ending

Happy Ending Netflix, streaming now Luna (Gaite Jansen) and Mink (Martijn Lakemeier) are a seemingly happy couple celebrating one year together. What Mink doesn’t know is that Luna’s been faking her, eh, enthusiasm for 12 months. With her friends urging her to try new things, Luna proposes a threesome. You know the rest.

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