Dr Kamakshi Memorial Hospital sets up Parkinson’s Support Group for Holistic Patient Care

Chennai: In a significant step towards providing comprehensive care for individuals battling Parkinson’s disease, Dr Kamakshi Memorial Hospital, Pallikaranai, Chennai announced the launch of the Parkinson’s Support Group. Parkinson’s, a chronic neurodegenerative disorder, affects a considerable segment of the elderly population in India, with an incidence rate of 80 people per one lakh. Dr Rajeswari Ramachandran, a senior Neurologist has stressed that “Recognizing the progressive nature of this condition, early intervention through a multidisciplinary approach is crucial.”

The launch event for the Parkinson’s Support Group took place at Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospital, Pallikaranai, on September 17th 2023, in the august presence of several experts in the field which included Neurologists, Psychiatrist, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Speech therapist and was followed by with a Q&A session with the invitees. Dr.TG Sivaranjani, Director- Finance & Operations along with the Chairman Dr Govindarajan had graced the occasion as the Chief Guest for the function.

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Dr Praveen Chander, Consultant Neurologist has pointed out that while medication remains a primary component of managing Parkinson’s symptoms, there exists a critical need for additional therapies such as speech therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and psychotherapy to ensure optimal quality of life. Dr Vidhya Mohandas Senior Psychiatrist has added that addressing comorbid conditions like depression and anxiety, which affect up to 30% of Parkinson’s patients, is equally vital for improved outcomes.

The Parkinson’s Support Group at Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospital brings together a team of experts specializing in Neurology, Psychiatry, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Physiotherapy. This collaborative effort aims to provide patients and caregivers with a platform to seek clarity on both pharmacological and non-pharmacological aspects of Parkinson’s management. The power of shared experiences cannot be understated and patients sharing personal insights can profoundly impact the journey of others within the group.

The event also featured a special yoga demonstration by Ramya, Administrative Officer, and a specialist in the field, showcasing the potential benefits of yoga in the management of Parkinson’s symptoms. It was also highlighted that according to Yoga International, the most helpful exercises for Parkinson patients typically involve seated and assisted posture and the fact that including music and rhythm into Yoga is most beneficial. Yoga helps to improve their endurance, strength and movement coordination.

The group meetings, scheduled once every 3 months, serve as forums for analysis and discussion. Among the key topics to be covered are specific exercises designed to improve balance and tremors, thereby enhancing the overall quality of life and functioning of Parkinson’s patients. Additionally, participants will be introduced to various assisted devices that can significantly augment their well-being.

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